We believe taking climate action simply makes sense. Hence, we are committed to sustainable practices to preserve our planet for our children and grandchildren.
Nature Leaf strives to make its products as environmentally friendly as possible. We work hard with our suppliers and partners to minimize climate impact and to preserve nature so we all can enjoy its beauty and strength for generations to come.
Currently, we support the Plant-A-Tree Programme in Singapore and ensure our products are delivered to you in a carbon-neutral manner. Read more on our initiatives below. 
Plant-A-Tree Programme
To help Singapore stay the luscious garden it is, we proudly support the Garden City Fund. We will plant one tree for every 150 bottles of Immune+ sold. Click here for more information on the the Plant-A-Tree Programme. 
Do you want to support the Garden City Fund individually? Follow this link for more options to donate. 
Carbon neutrality
Fighting climate change and reducing carbon emissions is no longer voluntary, it's a must if we want to stop the climate crisis. 
Therefore, we don't just try to reduce our emissions, bringing our products to you is carbon neutral. This means that we offset the emission transport to you causes by buying emission certificates to reduce our carbon footprint and support climate conservation projects.
Our goal is to to become a completely climate neutral business within the next year. We believe this is an important measure to support the environment.