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We want to make better nutrition as easy as possible – that’s why our science backed formulas focus on holistic solutions to your health and wellbeing.
Each capsule of Nature Leaf is tailored to a specific need. 

Founder Stories – Meet Marlene

Marlene Johler

Hi there, I’m Marlene.

I’m a sports freak and nutrition enthusiast. As such, I am very careful about what I put into my body because I firmly believe we are what we eat.

Four years ago, my life was turned upside down when I had a freak accident in the South African mountains while volunteering at a school for underprivileged kids. Following the accident, I was told I would never walk again and was bound to crutches from thereon. Being very sporty, my world was shattered.

But then I decided to take back my life. I worked hard every day, mentally and physically, so I would regain my ability to walk. At the same time, I focused on good nutrition, plenty of sleep and supplements to support my body during this challenging time. Around 15 months later, I was able to walk most distances again - without crutches. Today, I can even play tennis.

Supplements along with a healthy lifestyle have given me my life back. That’s why I’m excited to bring better supplements to you, too.

The environment is close to my heart, which is why Nature Leaf will become a carbon neutral company by 2022. To read more about our sustainability efforts, click here.


Our Quality Promise

Quality Standards Nature Leaf

Made in Germany
People sometimes ask us why we produce in Germany. The reason is simple – we only want the best ingredients and production for our supplements so you can confidently take your Nature Leaf products. Germany has very strict consumer safety regulations, which is why we produce our products there.
All our supplements are manufactured in a HAACP, ISO9001 and GMP certified facility and goes through strict quality tests. Additionally, we also test our products in a third-party lab
before delivering them to you.


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